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Mennonite Valley Girl

A Wayward Coming of Age

Funk, Carla
Book, 2021

289.7092 F

Fear Fighting

Awakening Courage to Overcome your Fears

Balarie, Kelly
Book, 2017

248.843 B

The Complete Artist's Way

Creativity as A Spiritual Practice

Cameron, Julia
Book, 2007

204.4 C

The Book of Queer Prophets

24 Writers on Sexuality and Religion

Book, 2021

200.866 B

How to Live When A Loved One Dies

Healing Meditations for Grief and Loss

Nhất Hạnh
Book, 2021

294.3423 N

Holding on

Impulses to Leave and Strategies to Stay

Wilcox, S. Michael
Book, 2021

248.489332 W

God Comes to Women

Farrell, Heather
Book, 2021

289.332082 F

All the Way to Heaven

Discovering God's Love in the Here and Now

Grandy, David
Book, 2021

230.93 G

Constant, Yet Ever-changing

A Historic Overview of Continued Revelation

Barker, Dan
Book, 2021

230.9332 B

The Founder of Our Peace

Christ-centered Patterns for Easing Worry, Stress, and Fear

Hilton, John
Book, 2020

248.86 H

A Better Heart

The Impact of Christ's Pure Love

Christofferson, Tom
Book, 2020

248.489332 C

Be Not Troubled

Rasband, Ronald A.
Book, 2020

248.4893 R

His Holy Name

Oaks, Dallin H.
Book, 2009

232.0882893 O

Kindness Now

A 28-day Guide to Living With Authenticity, Intention, and Compassion

Gilbert, Amanda
Book, 2021

294.34435 G

The Rational Bible

Exodus : God, Slavery, and Freedom

Prager, Dennis
Book, 2018

222.12 P


How the Christian Revolution Remade the World

Holland, Tom
Book, 2019

261 H

How to Play Pray Scripture

Scripture Healing : How to Play Pray Scripture With These Ideas

Fabbi, Kenneth L.
Book, 2019

220.07 F

Family of Origin, Family of Choice

Stories of Queer Christians

Hays, Katie
Book, 2021

248.80866 H

The Colour of God

Chaudhry, Ayesha S.
Book, 2021

297.57082092 CHA

Small and Simple Things

Hinckley, Marjorie Pay
Book, 2003

248.4893 H

Memorable Stories and Parables

Packer, Boyd K.
Book, 1997

248.489332 P

The Glory of Christmas

Swindoll, Charles R.
Book, 1996

242.335 S

A Christmas Parable

Packer, Boyd K.
Book, 1993

242.335 P

Anointed With Oil

How Christianity and Crude Made Modern America

Dochuk, Darren
Book, 2019

261.85 D

On Holy Ground

Images of Old Testament Lands

Wilcox, S. Michael
Book, 2001

220.91 W

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