Land Girls
Land Girls Series 1 DVD - 2010

My favorite period dramas are ones that school me in little-known historical nuggets. Land Girls is one of those rare gems. I had never heard of Land Girls in the Women's Land Army, who helped increase the amount of food grown within Britain during World War II in the absence of male farmhands serving in the military. It continues to amaze me how much women contributed to the war effort and how under appreciated their contributions and sacrifices were. Land Girls covered a lot of the hardships that had to be endured by both the soldiers in battle and civilians left to maintain the home front: rationing, shortages, separated families, bombings, segregation of black and white American troops, the hunt for Nazi Collaborators, upstairs/downstairs shenanigans, and the general fear and uncertainties of a county at war. I loved and cheered for all the girls: Nancy, Annie, Bea, and Joyce and their heartaches, triumphs, and resilience.

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