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The once-lawless frontier settlement has grown into a town on the threshold of South Dakota's statehood and modernization. Still, the past isn't easily dismissed as old feuds are revived, sins recalled, and allegiances tested.


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Jul 12, 2020

A great series when it aired and was suddenly cancelled. Then we got this, to close the book sort of speak, but it resolved nothing and I am so disappointed.

PimaLib_NormS Jul 01, 2020

The well-regarded HBO series “Deadwood” has returned! Okay, not really. But they’ve done a reunion movie entitled (appropriately enough) “Deadwood – The Movie”. It is great fun to see everybody one more time, doing their Deadwood thing, speaking that profane, circular, Shakespearean hybrid language unique to Deadwood. The setting is roughly ten years later, celebrating South Dakota’s statehood. Almost all of the characters from the series were brought back, except for those portrayed by actors who have, unfortunately, died. It is strange how the actors have all gotten way old over the years, unlike those of us in the audience who haven’t changed a bit. “Deadwood – The Movie” has the same issue that many reunion shows of popular TV series have faced. There is simply not enough time to delve into the characters and storylines. The best thing about episodic television is that it has the time to do in-depth character development. The large, talented cast of richly detailed characters in the original series made it especially difficult to do justice to all of them in a two hour movie. But, enough with the bellyaching. Because of the abrupt cancellation of the series, there was a lack of closure for much of the audience. So, to have the show come back, at least for a couple of hours, is a big deal for the fans. Is “Deadwood – The Movie” a fabulous addition to the Deadwood universe? Is it the missing piece that makes the Deadwood story complete? Nah. Still, it was good to see everyone again.

Feb 14, 2020

When the Deadwood the HBO tv series was abruptly cancelled after Season 3,it left many fans of the show hanging about what happened to the various characters of the show. Now the follow up movie after many years finally arrives and it does a fairly good job in picking up the story after such a long hiatus. There was a criticism that the Irishman was too long at 3.5 hours running time but I feel here that 1 hour and 45 mins. was just too short to do justice to all the characters and plot threads of the series. Sometimes the movie felt a bit rushed or abbreviated so I wished they had gone with a 3 hour length. Overall it was a well written and well acted revisit to a great television show. Probably will only appeal to people who have seen the series and will be a bit bewildering if watching it as a newcomer.

Jan 28, 2020

Wolfe was right, you can't go home again. Deadwood is one of my all time favourite series, so likely my hopes were simply not going to be met. The amount of actual plot movement could have been done in a simple episode. It's really too bad; I think they just waited too long.

Dec 29, 2019

All loose ends are now officially tied up. This movie started pretty slow but got a sort good pace going just as it was ending. Don't even try this movie if you didn't see the series. But then again anything Timothy Olyphant is in is worth watching. He is the US Marshall here. Does it seem funny to anyone that he just picks up the US Marshall badge in "Justified" like a reincarnation of the same character?

Dec 19, 2019

If you haven't seen the series, don't bother with this movie. Just reserve season one of Deadwood and see how you like it. If you aren't hooked by the first episode, this is not for you. If you have an issue with swearing in a series, this is not for you. If you abhor violence or evil behavior in a series, this is not for you.
This movie provided the perfect coda for the awesome three season series which ended on a somewhat ambiguous note. I forgot how much I liked the curious dialog, the wonderful characterizations, and the overall tone of this series.

Dec 09, 2019



Resurgence of a great western HBO series with great actors and acting!



Dec 02, 2019

This should have been the concluding episode of this series.
At times the profanity, almost sounds Shakespearean. If you enjoyed the series you will enjoy the film.

Nov 28, 2019

Not just profane--there is at least on swear word in each sentence. The dialogue is ridiculous--inflated diction, convoluted structure and completely improbable. I lasted 20 minutes and gave up.

Nov 28, 2019

I watched the Deadwood series a few years ago but just could not get into this one and shut it off during the first 10 minuets. We did not like at all.

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Nov 07, 2019

Pages of quotes laced with profanity have been posted in IMDb already. Enjoy if you are willing to tolerate and not distracted by the coarse language:

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